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I would very much like the TapeBus and the Insert in order to try and give my tracks a more analog feel.  I think these ought to be sold separately.  The stripped convolutuion reverb may also be interesting depending on how it performs compared to SIR but it doesn't seem to fit in with the aforementioned plugins just because it uses convolution.  The same goes for the delay and chorus.  Chorus is something I never use, delay sometimes but I already have a bunch of those.  I really think there ought to be an option to buy these plugins separately.

/Mats D


I can't believe in what speed you are doing your plugs.  Amazing!  But I completely agree with what Mats said: make these available separatly (each for, say, 20-25 USD).  I am mostly interested in 2 of them and all the other would just waste space (and money) and make my plug-list longer.  The 2 I really like are: TapeBus and the Chorus.  Before I tried the Chorus I really thought, well, not another Chorus, this is useless.  But what a great job it does in doubling lead voices!!!  This is really amazing.

Let me also make a suggestion: even if you would decide not to also sell these plugs separately, please, use the same kind of GUI for all, it just looks like e mess, so many different styles.  Or, maybe, offer alternative skins which make TapeBus and the Delay "compatible" with the standard design.

And one final thing also related to GUI/skins (maybe this is not the right place), but then there is no general discussion in the forums):

a) The standard design is not very appealing to me but it's sort of ok.  You could, however, easily improve this situation by just letting the user define a colour scheme. this could even be a general setting in the registry so that it automatically would apply to all your plugs.

b) Many very cool features are hidden behind very cryptic abbreviations.  This makes people overlook features (a crude example of this is CurveEQ.  I think people are missing all the cool things just because they can't make sense of the GUI).  So, please, do not opperate with abbreviations.  It will take a little more space, but it will so much improve usability.

best and congratulations, drjee

This is very exciting Aleksey !  I'm in and am about to test it out...

Analogflux Suite takes me back to the time when tape saturation, overdubbing, cumulative noise and head gap delay were all part of the integral sound.  Your suite goes beyond the initial tape deck components by adding analog-ish chorus and reverb which were commonly inserted and auxed to add depth, space and beautiful analog 'magic dust' to multi-track mixdowns.  These are most all of the major components I used way back when...

Very Nice !

I like the designs, and so far the sound of the plugins.  TapeBus could easily sell for $200, but I know Aleksey won't do that.

What I'd like to know is which "tape machines" you selected as Tape 1, 2 and 3.  I like the sound of 2 the most so far.

MCI/Sony JH24 ?

again, you make plugins that digital-hating people like me are in love with.

Mats, I understand your position, but exactly because I do not want to sell plug-ins for $20 I've assembled a bundle.  I had no goal to make everything 'analog' in this bundle.  If convolver is useful I don't see a reason not to include it into the bundle.  Analogflux Chorus IS pretty analog, actually (its Vintage mode is close to a virtual tape chorus).  I know choruses are digital in most of the hardware implementation, but building a Mellotron-like chorus is possible.  The same applies to Delay.  It is digital overall, but it does use impulses from the real analog delay (not taking into consideration how it was implemented).

drjee, thanks for your suggestions!

Tape 1 is close to Studer B67

Tape 2 is close to Studer A80RC

Tape 3 is close to some consumer boombox with tape deck.

Think of it like this.  Tapebus is 69$ (introduction price) and you get an additional 4 plugins!  The chorus is SUPERB.  You'd be hard pressed to find a better chorus plugin, anywhere.



I will probably buy the bundle anyway, since the price is nice, but I still feel that plugins like TapeBus and Insert are not actually effects plugins in the same sense as a chorus or a delay.  They are targeting other buyers.  It's a different thing to search for a analog feel in the actual recorded sound than to look for analog sound in an effect.

I downloaded the bundle and even though I think the Insert is perhaps a bit too subtle and the TapeBus doesn't quite capture that early seventies punchy tape deck feel (as the Beamsonic Studer impulses did), these plugins are still good sounding in their own right and very useful.  The Impulse plugin is also a nice thing, no frills, just load an impulse and the CPU meter hardly notices it, just what I was looking for.  I use SIR a lot but it is a bit unstable and CPU hungry and Pristine Space is way over the top for me and seemed like a real CPU hog on my machine.  The delay sounds very nice and warm compared to many other delays I have tried.  I haven't tried the chorus, since I never liked choruses in any shape or form.

/Mats D

I'm really curious, how can a set of impulses alone capture "punch" ?  The only thing an impulse AFAIK can do is 'colour' the sound with the original machines responce.  TapeBus should be able to give you 'punch' as it really does do some compression too.

The only thing missing IMO from tapebus soundwise is a x4 oversampling switch as it does really help at high gain settings and Aleksey has already said that this will be implemented at some point in the future.

Oh, and be sure to check out the chorus.  I never liked chorus plugins either but thisone is a real gem!



For the money, this cannot be faulted.


As for the chorus, there are just 2 that I ever use:

1/.  This one

2/.  Kjerhaus Audio's freebie "classic chorus".

As for the rest of them - never.

As a future request, it would be nice to have extra tape emus included in TapeBuss - as well as an option to set the tape speed, from 3.75/7.5 and 15 IPS.

That would be my icing....

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Neil, I'm not planning to implement some specific tape speeds, but I will do add some more tape impulses which may sound similar to some specific tape speed.
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