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Dear everybody!

I like Voxengo's plugs very much.

I already use some plugs in Pyramix (Gliss EQ, Elephant, Curve EQ).

This plugs are registered by typing registration code inside of each plug.

And it works!

But in case with AnalogueFlux you need to use register suite for all plugs.

After that all plugs are still UNREGISTERED.

I tried to install by several ways and it still doesn't work.

At the same time Analogueflux Suite works on Nuendo (registration method was fine).

My question is could you change registration method for AnalogueFlux espesially for Pyramix users (like on Gliss, Elephant, and Curve EQ)?

One more time: plugs like Gliss, Elephant, and Curve EQ are working and can be registered in Pyramix.  AnalogueFlux - NO.  I think that the reason is of registration tool.

All my best to Voxengo team!

Have a good vacation!

I solved this problem! (Win 7 32 bit)

If you will use registration tool like admin user via right-click and choosing admin permitions registration will full complete!

All my best)

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