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Hi, now that I can work almost exclusively with Samp Pro X Suite 64 bit and Reaper 4 64 bit i'd like to know if we will have a 64 bit version of Analog Flux (specially the delay)


This is possible in the future, but not very soon.  Thank you for expressing your interest!

I'm really looking forward to the 64 bit version of the AnalogFlux suite too.  I was wondering if you had considered adding an Echoplex tape echo emulation to the delay?  I have yet to hear a truly convincing tape echo in plugin form.  Most just add filtering, saturation and modulation to a standard digital delay line.  However this never captures the vibe of an actual tape echo machine.  In my opinion it really doesn't even get close.  The problem, I think, is everything is programmed in a completely linear fashion.  That is, each repeat has exactly 'x' amount more filtering/saturation/modulation applied as compared to the previous iteration.  As well, each repeat is exactly 'x' milliseconds apart from the previous one, and so on.  This makes it all too perfect, and it was the imperfections and non-linear qualities of tape echoes that gave them their gorgeous vibe.  If you listen to:

you can hear the kind of swampy, all enveloping sound the echo creates.  I would love to have a delay plugin that allows me to dial in as much non linear variation in everything as I like.  Anyway, food for thought maybe!

I have that classic Echoplex green box - bought it on Ebay.  It aliases badly among other things.  Of course, I'll take its sound into consideration in a future reworked Analogflux version.

By aliasing do you mean the individual repeats are not readily distinguishable from each other?  In the YouTube video and all other tape echoes I've heard this definitely seems to be the case, and is a big part of the vibe.

No, I mean frequency aliasing:
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