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You have been upgrading some of your plugins and I would just like to suggest that if you do an upgrade to Tapebus, I would like to be able to turn the low freq mod noise off.  I love what Tapebus does to the transients but the mod noise can muddy things up a bit.  Also, it would be great if we could load our own impulses of outboard gear into Tapebus.  I am using Impulse response after it now, but it hits my cpu hard.

You added oversampling to Tubeamp, does Tapebus already do oversampling?

When will you release/ upgrade HarmoniEQ?  I want that HP filter...

Mod noise is what tape machine basically is about.  Indeed, by modern standards it's "muddy", but this is counter-balanced by harmonic distortion which adds a bit of crispness.

Oversampling is built-in an always enabled.

HarmoniEQ will be upgraded in the future as well.

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