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I would like to thank you for providing some of the best sounding plug-ins I have ever heard.I have searched for years trying to get "that sound" and found it here.The Analogflux Suite has so much potential with the Impulses that I actually use some of them acting as pre-amps,console-like busses,and killer saturation effects.  Quick question, what is the best way to use the Impulses?  I set them up on a send pre-fader on Cubase 4 with all exact same level.I've tried using them slot one on tracks but get more effect using sends.Another question,what plug-in gets that "glassy" tube sound? thanks again steve

Impulses are linear processes - there's no much difference where you put them - before or after faders.  On sends they may usually skew the phase really hard - maybe it's what you are liking.

Tubes are usually warm :-) For crispness I strongly suggest you to check out Lampthruster.  Warmifier is warmer.

checking out Lampthruster now.thanx

You are welcome!

found what i was looking for.used Curve EQ with setting "analog filter" .put Curve EQ last in insert chain for overall coloration.Curve EQ,what can you say about that plug-in?Awesome!thanx
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