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I'm using Tapebus (registered copy) in Samplitude version 7, and the plugin delay compensation does not work.  When using the "tape on" mode, any track or buss with Tapebus on it is noticeably delayed.  I wondered if it was just a problem with Tapebus, so I downloaded the Latency Delay plug to work around it, but Samplitude's delay compensation doesn't pick that one up either.  It just delays the track or buss even more.

Turning the plug to "tape off" mode fixes the latency, but I would really like to be able to use the tape feature. (Incidentally, turning the tape mode off also crashed Samplitude, to the point where the project would not even open up until I un- and re-installed Tapebus.  This may be another issue, and it's not crashing after the re-install, I just wanted to include that in case it is related)

Is this possibly a compatibility issue with Samplitude version 7?  Have I missed something on the install?

Thanks for your time.

I'm mostly sure it is a Samplitude problem - you probably have to upgrade to its latest version.

Okay.  Thank you.

You are welcome!
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