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Any one have this issue:

I seem to have not installed the chorus and delay.

I have the tape bus, the impulse, etc

I believe I see only 4 plugs in the folder

I have only been using the Tape Bus in Sonar 6 PE

Any suggestions on what to do ?

I believe I have the latest version 1.5.2


You may simply try to re-run setup again.

All the plugs should install when I run the installer suite, right ?  Correct?

Yes, this is correct.


You are welcome! :)

They were in with the lists of vst plugins, so they DID get installed!

The group doesn't show the delay and chorus in the AnalogFlux group,

but they were installed, located in my regular vst folder list in SONAR.!

No re-installation necessary!

Thanks again Aleksey

OK, glad this has been resolved.
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