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Hi.  I have TapeBus.  I just started using this plugin recently and the sound is pretty amazing.

The problem I am having is that every now and again (somewhat randomly) the sound drops out for approximately half a second.  This doesn't happen with any other plugin I use.

I have an Intel Core Duo 2.6ghz using Cubase SX3 so I don't think I am starved for processing power.  This occurs on projects even if I just use a single track.

Also, was this software programmed by a single person or a team of people?  Was it written in C++?  What sort of algorithm is used to achieve the saturation effect...  I've heard nothing like this before.



Please make sure you have registered your copy of plug-in, using 'Register Analogflux Suite' shortcut.

This was programmed by me alone, in Delphi and assembler.  Algorithms are original.

However, at the moment we are working on new versions of all plug-ins we offer now.  These will be programmed in C++.

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