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available as separate plugins?

It's a shame to buy the whole suite for only the two tools I want from it.

TTOZ: available as separate plugins?

TTOZ: It's a shame to buy the whole suite for only the two tools I want from it.


Delay, Impulse and Chorus also are very interesting and usefull tools.  All together in an analog flux logic.

And all of them works/sounds wonderful!



...andrea riderelli & aliusmodum...

la musica barocca oggi

Sorry, I don't need the impulse I have convolution coming out of my eyeballs, the delay is not my cup of tea at all (please no flames personal opinion, there are many voxengo plugs i love)..the chorus has it's uses though I all depends on everyone's individual needs and what plugins for example we already have..

I find it strange this is the only product that voxengo sells "as a bundle" , I mean, he could call it the anlogflux bundle for example where the other bundles are listed and have it as an option..and separately...ofcourse for those who wanted the lot the bundle would be cheaper and make more sense..

anyway it's my take and I will get it anyway i suppose.

TTOZ, I do not plan to release them separately anywhere soon.  But if I do decide to do so, their price will eventually be higher than if you divide price of Analogflux Suite by 'value' of the plug-ins it consists of.
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