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For so long I had a certain sound in my head, that I just could not replicate within my DAW.  It was the type of analogue sound heard on mid-80s (mainly 'new romantic' recordings), where the overal sound was smooth at the high and low ends.

I tried experimenting with many "analogue" plug-ins that promised to give "warmth" or "that vintage sound" but none gave me what I was looking for.

Then one day I read someone else trying to describe this "smooth" sounds, where transients are compressed but in a glossy, sweet way.  Someone stated that what the poster was looking for was a "Tape Simulator" and suggested either the DUY Tape Simulator or the Voxengo Tape Sim (AnalogFlux).  The DUY was over-priced and also I had heard other great things about Voxengo plug-ins.

I tried the demo and have to say I was blown away by how great Tape Buss sounds on my mixes - at last I have "that sound" that I was looking for !!

It has to be the fastest purchase I have ever made following a demo, I just HAD to have this plug-in! and while I was there I also demo'd and bought Elephant too - wow, my Mastering Buss chain is well and truly sorted now !!

Thanks so much Aleksiy for such high quality products and really healthy, realistic prices.

I will be back soon for more purchases!


Thank you for your feedback and purchase!

I recently purchaed the DVD entitled, "Mix it Like A Record".  The video takes you step by step in mixing a rock tune.  The engineer was using tape and valve simulators all over the place.  His plug of choice was DuY Tape and Valve but like the first post mentioned they are high priced plugs.  Anyway, I decided since I've been very satisfied with all my Voxengo purchases I would try the AnalogFlux Suite.  Tape Bus rocks!  I am blown away as well.  It's subtle but it adds the warmth and punch I've been missing too!

Like all voxengo plugs they are a great price which keeps me coming back for more.


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