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Forums     Plugins     Analogflux Suite Correct signal chain for Curve Eq AFTB LT and Warmifier?

Dear Alexey,

I am trying to figure out the most logical sequence to use your great plugins on a heavy metal guitar track.

Is this the most logical way?:

(1) CurveEQ first to shape some of the tone

(2) Lampthruster second to give it more of a Warm Tube-like feel

(3) TapeBus plug-in third (from Analog Flux) to give it the warmth of old tape

(4) Warmifier fourth to brighten it up a bit

(5) BBE maximizer fifth to correct the phase for speakers

(6) R66 Reverb sixth to finish it off

Perhaps warmifier should go before TapeBus?

Perhaps TapeBus should go after BBE?

Did I make any obvious mistakes--you wrote the first 4 plugins so you would know.

Thanks for making such great plugins!

The chain is OK and I believe you'll get a pretty 'non-linear' sound with it - probably exactly what you need.  As for plug-in placement within the chain - it is for you to decide, because it is mainly a question of final coloration you'll get.  Placing CurveEQ first is a good idea - that way you can additionally 'shape' the sound of the remaining part of the chain.
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