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Forums     Plugins     Analogflux Suite Great plugs, Alexey. Bravo!

I bought the AnalogFXSuite about a week ago along with LF Punch, Marquis Compressor and GlissEQ.  I must say the plugs are absolutely amazing.  Tabebus adds exactly the type of grit that has been missing from my mixes which I could not get from just saturation/distortion alone.  The chorus and delay plugs are in a class all by themselves as well.  All this you offer your customers at such a reasonable price and the quality, IMHO, rivals that of the Waves plugs.  Thank you.

Thanks for your feedback!

Agreed, with the exception of the Waves comment.  Waves plugins are lifeless sounding, computer/digitally cold, I find.  The SSL pack sounds nice, but it's of limited use.  Voxengo certainly have the best sound and price ;-)
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