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I also posted in Lampthruster.

You are definitely doing great work with your plugins.

In order for the tape settings and the preamp convolution to be useful to me, it would be really helpful to have a description of what each setting is most useful for.  I know you do not wish to say "this is an impulse of a N--- 1073" driven hard, or with eq peak at such and such, but if something could be said here about each setting, so as to know when it is most suited- that would be great!

For the tape machines, think about it like this:

If if you knew the ips speed and type of tape used, then you would know how hard to hit it for the right saturation... for drums, vocals, full mix, etc.

For the preamp convolution settings, Id love to know if choices were made specifically sound good on voice, snare, bass, etc.  I hear some really interesting settings while demoing, but I am testing finished masters, individual tracks, acoustic guitars, etc and need a better point of reference to make it useful to buy.

Thanks a\for any input you will give!

P.S. the Elephant is truly excellent!

It should be said that such 'source' information is hardly useful.  Real device is usually much more complex while plug-in where I claim was designed after it model only a part of its sound.  The best approach with Voxengo plug-ins is to use presets or simply experiment.  There is usually enough control in each plug-in - some controls are not obvious while most others are pretty obvious.
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