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Forums     Plugins     Analogflux Suite Tabebus for mastering ?

Is it suitable for mastering purposes ?  For example before a limiter like the elephant2?

I think it is suitable as long as you like the sound.

I tried the demo of Elephant and the tapebus,

the tapebus with the tape compression preset and the Elephant as a limiter at the end of the mastering chain.  It sounded great in my opinion, but I'm a newbie, maybe I'm doing somethin wrong.  Is Tapebus applying some compression ?

Indeed, TapeBus applies compression - especially if Rec Gain setting is high.  But this compression is 'instant' and is called saturation.

I often use tapebuss during mastering, as it gives a sound I cannot get with any other plugin at all - with the possible exception of the Nomad Factory tape saturation plug (which IMHO does not sound quite as good as Tapebuss does).

I have found it to be a very good way to get a mix to gel correctly.

And if it sounds right - it IS right!

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