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Is the tape sim stereo of dual mono?

At times it appears to be stereo.  It would great to have a stereo/dual mono switch.  The Duel mono mode would process each side independent of the other.

Is this possible in the Tape Sim plug-in?


Byron Santo

TapeBus plug-in works in 'dual mono' mode already.  Meaning it does not use any stereo channel linking during processing.

Hi Aleksey

Thanks for the quick responce!


You are welcome!

I've noticed the same phenomenon.  Well at least I was pretty sure I did.  I seem to get wider results if I use two instances of TapeBus as opposed to just one stereo instance.  Let's say I have two guitar tracks that are hard panned.  If I send these to a stereo group (or buss) and then put TapeBus on that group, that result seems to be less spacious than if I just process the two tracks individually.  Am I just hearing things?

So there's absolutely no cross-talk between the channels of TapeBus?



These differences are not about cross-talk.  It's just true that some internal parameters are controlled by a random oscillator, so this may produce different results in different scenarios.  But differences should be minor nevertheless.  If you ask me if I can remove such random behavior I can't - it's all about this randomness.

I don't mind the randomness.  It's just good to know that it's there.  As always--use your eyes.

On a different note...I remember reading a long time ago about there being some more impulses coming for TapeBus.  Any word on that?


Brad, I guess they were added already.  The first version had 3 impulses only, with further versions adding more impulses, including 'Tape Bypass' mode.  No other impulses were considered by me.

Brad McGowan: As always--use your eyes.

Er, Shouldn't that be "use your ears" ???

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Oops...ears not eyes.  Thanks for catching that. ;)


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