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Forums     Plugins     Analogflux Suite Clipping smoothed over - amazing!

I had recorded a live violin track (me) at a festival where the sound guy was not paying attention to the levels on the violin mic.  As I was playing along with the headliner, I was looking forward to a doing a nice mix for our compilation CD.  When I previewed the tracks i was horrified to find some really bad clips, I mean real flat-top stuff in some of the transients.

So now I really know what the pros mean by digital clipping sounding really, really bad.....  I was ready to write it off.  Instead I tried just for grins throwing AnalogFlux Tapebus into the effects bin (Sonar 5).

First I reduced the overall levels by applying a gain reduction of 6 db, to get some headroom.  The effects chain now was a Sonitus Reverb, Tapebus, and Elephant 2 set to 4.5 db makeup.  Then I tried a few presets in Tapebus and settled on Vintage Mess, which seemed to fit my situation.

I am amazed to report that virtually all of the really bad clips were removed, and the track, after some surgical removal of a few places that still sounded like fingernails on the blackboard, is actual usable.  Some kind of magic here, Alesksy, thanks!

Thanks for sharing with your experience!
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