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Would it be possible to implement something like Tritone Digital's Colortone Pro capability into the Analog Flux Impulse plugin?

Their free colortone plugin for PC appears to be just an impulse convolver, but they have a Pro version (Mac only so far) that has a dynamic blend mode.  They say they may not develop a Pro version for PC as there may be some difficulties porting it (they use the Pluggo platform).

Here is a link that discusses their Pro version:

Tritone Colortone forum

I'd really like something that didn't rely on the Pluggo runtime, and it would be great to have something like this in the Voxengo lineup.  I'm not suggesting"borrowing" their idea, just that I think that maybe there is an opportunity to do some type of dynamic convolution processing similar to the way GlissEQ applies EQ.  Maybe some type of convolution/compression/dynamic EQ combination would be possible.

I believe there is already a patent on actually using multple impulses for dynamic convolution, but I'm sure you could come up with something if you saw an opportunity to do something unique.

Do you see any potential Aleksey?



I do not think I'll ever try that 'dynamic' convolution approach.  It does not seem 'right' to me - it's too rough.  I will be trying to understand and master Volterra kernels approach which sounds like a universal solution to non-linear convolution, and it is not convered by patents being a mathematical method.  The only problem with it is that it can be difficult to obtain Volterra kernels for any given device - it is a complex problem to calculate it seems.

This sounds very interesting Aleksey.  Please continue research.. please.  Then I could sell this bloody sintefex (btw, at least on this machine, dynamic convolution works pretty well.  It does provide more "life" to sterile stuff but I do also hear the 'roughness' sometimes, especially when pushed to the limit on certain badly kept 'vintage' machine impulses).



Aleksey, You REALY should continue Researching this.  The Analog Flux Impulse plugin Would be the Plugin choice.  It's all there already.  You did a stereo Impulse plug that reads Gear Impulses.  Now all it needs is some drive, warmth and Punch controls added.  Tritone Digitals Colortone Pro is Not supporting PC right now.

You Aleksey Rule the PC Market in Terms of all Your Class A Plugin Products, You Rule Here.

Please, Please, Please, Please do this, and Hurry. :)

You have really changed the game with Marquis as well.  Truley Blessed Man, Blessed with Great Wisdom! :)

We're Waiting with our Wallets, hehe :)


KP, thanks for your support!

Any news on this Volterra kernel thingy? :)



No updates on that yet, and I doubt there will be any in the foreseeable future.
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