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I showed some of your plugs to some friends who own studios here and they all agreed on 2 things : That they sound really good(the really liked the compressors) and that they look rather bad.  Do you plan on doing a facelift to your plugs, or getting someone to do that for you ?  I saw how Cakewalk facelifted pristine space in sonar 5 and it looks fantastic.  Maybe i'm boring but this is just what i find that is only lacking.

Best regards...

Thanks for your comment on this.  Some UI redesign can be done in the future.

I think they all look really good.  There are some (free delay and r8brain) that are horrible, but the modern brushed steel look works fine for me.  They are 100% usable and intuitive, that's what counts.


I dont particularly care about how it looks, in as much as how functional the guis are

I like the simple looking interface - simple is beautiful

And they're easy to use

They sound fantastic - dont mess up a good thing to look good .

The sound is everything - I LOVE the simple looking interfaces as does most users,

I would think.  Did I mention simple interfaces are easier to use?

Please dont change the guis ( much )

Thank you for your feedback on this.  We'll try to not mess up the look - only improve.


it will be great to have meter input and output on the Warmifier and on the tape simulation plug ins


I'll consider adding level meters, thanks.
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