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Hey everybody...I just bought the mixing suite and am very happy with it.  What I'm wondering is whether I need the Analogflux Suite since I already have Lampthruster.  I'm going to be playing keyboards on a progressive rock album (along the lines of Transatlantic or Spock's Beard).  This gives me an excuse to use lots of vintage sounds like B3, Rhodes, Minimoog and Mellotron.  The sounds will be coming mostly from software (B4 II, MinimoogV, Lounge Lizard, M-Tron, Sample Tank) with the exception of my Korg CX3.  Will Analogflux give me something above and beyond Lampthruster?  Has anybody used the TapeBus or Insert plugs on similar material?


I guess having Delay and Chorus plug-ins won't hurt at all, especially with your vintage sounds.  You may also use Impulse plug-in to apply various colorations and even use it as impulse (sampled) reverb send.  TapeBus may also help fit your sounds in the mix.

I have the demo...let me try some things out.  I have a question about the Impluse plug.  Why does it have a latency setting and why does it need to be adjusted...I have no other plugin with such an adjustment and Cakewalk Sonar has always had latency compensation.  I'm sure I'm missing something...

Thanks for your response!


For real-time work (with synths, etc) you may need to set latency to a lower value.  The drawback of this mode is increased CPU usage.  So, it's a balance between 'real-time' and 'amount of CPU strain'.
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