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Hello Aleksey !

I`ve made a test with TapeBus and another Transient-Softing-PlugIn in the following chain : I put a Transient-Softing-Tool before and (!) after ( same setting ) the TAPEBUS ( Preset

Have you tried using Transmodder plug-in?  In any case, I'm not really interested in making TapeBus 'heavier' in design if you can simply add some plug-in before it to accomplish the task.

Thank you for your response !

But I described a chain of four ( !) plug - ins.  This wouldn`t make TapeBus

`heavier` .  I think that this would make TapeBus sounding more `natural`,

this is what we want when we are using a tape-simulator .  Maybe this is a question of `personal` hearing.  But a Transient-Softing thing I can hear in

every Analog Tape.  In that way you don`t have to drive the digital-saturation too hard.  Try it again.

( And I

Here I am with another suggestion !

Look what has done with the Blockfish-Compressor.  One Page for "easy-alltime-tuning" and a switch for the background-page where it is able to tune all the other professional-parameters.  In that way you can offer a high quality plugIn with many

parameters in the backround.  And you have an easy-edit GUI in the front

for people who don`t want to deal with many parameters.

What is 'Transient-Softing-PlugIn'?  Do you mean Transmodder?

Hello Aleksey !

There are a few plugins like dominion or your transmodder which can do some transient-softing.

But the smoothest results that I

Thanks for the details.  I may try approaching this idea in the future.

Hey Aleksey

Can I just say it is much appreciated that listen and respond to question about development.  Most companies are so far from their customers.  Your doing a great job

Thank you for your feedback.
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