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I just tried tapebus again and this is what I dont understand

Why isnt there just a preset called..analog Tape?

The Cranesong Phoenix has 3 simple settings and it is fantastic.  But I need Vst now.

We dont have all these controls on an analog machine.  I mean its great you offer such control over the plugin..but I dont feel like being a scientist and many people I talk to, that have tried this, say the same thing.

I think a mild..moderate..and heavy setting is needed..the highs and lows and freq curve setting just make it too hard to decide what to do..and Ive been mixing for 13 years.

I think if you made a simplified version more in line with Cranesong Phoenix you might sell more of these--or at least setup 3 presets that copy the Phoenix--because it is the #1 selling tape plugin

Thanks for your idea, I'll see what I can do.

A simplified version i'm sure would be great for those who desire it,But don't throw the more complex version out the window after creating it, i'm sure many like myself desire it aswell!  Actually i was thinking about asking for a mid knob.  I'm sure you'll come with a great solution!

It's not an easy task to fulfill everyone's need I guess.  But I do keep looking for approaches to user interfaces, too.  And I hope to adopt something I've found so far in the future.

sounddesigner ......Oh..I agree with you and I wasnt asking that.

Here's the thing..If I'm mixing and I need a smooth eq plugin instead of hardware..I expect to just turn the knobs and get what I want.  Same with modulation, verbs, compessors

Most engineers do not want to tweek all day with a bunch a new controls.  They want to trust that the designer has already programmed in the optimum analog simulation already--I dont have time to find it. that was my point with Phoenix.

So if you have a simplified optimum analog tape setting(maybe 3)--you would bring in people like me--like I worked for cranesong. kick Cranesong out of the water with all the other controls.

Really I know the problem.  Aleksey is a genius--but we are not.  Being the designer..he clearly comprehends what this thing does.  And Im sure many people who have played with this for 6 months know too.  But I think their are a bunch of people who want it more basic.

I understand completely both yours and Alekseys position, It is very hard to please everyone, and musicians and designers will always disagree on the ideal plugin, the best way to make music, the best sounding music etc(thats actually a good thing, if you want unique results that reflect your personal expression,you need different tools, techniques, and preferences as to what sounds good).

I would'nt dare say that a simple version is'nt a good solution for those only wanting basic features and don't feel like being a scientist at times, "as you said" (i myself don't feel like being a scientist at times when dealing with many plugins and unfriendly interfaces).  I also feel that tape bus is a plugin that goes beyond its purpose, and that it's many different features help to craft sound in other ways that may not have been intended for it (this is why i asked for the em freq increase in the past).A good solution would be to put a simpler version into analog flux and sell the more complex version separately (like as a bigger version,examples-r8brain pro and bigger version of pristine space).No one is wrong on the requests for simple and complex versions, we each need what we need,I may even be in the minority for those liking it complex, but we do exist!

JETTS: Really I know the problem.  Aleksey is a genius--but we are not.  Being the designer..he clearly comprehends what this thing does.  And Im sure many people who have played with this for 6 months know too.  But I think their are a bunch of people who want it more basic.


This is my #1 wish for Voxengo plugs.  And yes.  Aleksey is a genious...and I simply haven't had time to even attempt to wrap my head around half of these plugs.  Now take a UAD-1 1176, Pultec or LA2A and I'm feeling it and quickly dialing the sounds I want.

I feel the Tapebus should also be simplified.  Too many options can be grim.

I believe presets are what makes tuning an easy thing.  With things like UAD plug-ins you are limited to their sound.  OK, they may sound good, but still they may not offer enough options.

In reality, even tape machine should be fine-tuned with a lot of parameters taken into consideration (tape type, biasing, head cleaning, etc.).

With only two knobs it won't work.  UNLESS it is a highly-acclaimed design REPLICATED in plug-in form.  I usually do not steal/adopt others' 'working' designs.  That's the difference.

Sometimes, turning the knobs and listening can do the job.

But the tapeplug is also difficult for me to master.  But i have found settings that i like for drum busses and so.

What i haven´t learned yet, is to turn the knobs so that it follows my idea in my head.

Some of the plugs do that greatly, and some don´t.

Two of the difficult ones for me are the tape plug and the crunshcessor.

And yes, i am the kind of guy that reads the manual.

But then again it´s hard to change the dessign, cause now people are getting used to the way they work.

But i´m deffinately going to buy the new compressor, and it looks more simple for me to use.

Things tend to change for better overtime.  Of course, I've made some 'inconvenience' decisions - but future products and versions may have various things optimized.
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