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I have noticed that when loading the samples into either Kontakt or Ultrabeat, I have to hold down the key of my keyboard to hear the full length of the sample.  Is there a way to edit the sample so that this is not the case?  When using the samples provided by Logic, the length of the sound is not affected by the length of the note placed in the piano roll, or the amount of time I hold down a key.  However, I have found that to be the case with your samples.  I hope this makes sense.

If you could help, I would be extremely greatful.  Thank you!

Do you mean NKI files or WAV samples?  NKI instruments do not have this issue to my knowledge - they take as many voices as required to play samples in full.  On the other hand, WAV files are not pre-programmed to fade out on note off.

Ah I see.  I was using the WAV samples originally.  I also noticed it with the SFZ files too.  I do actually seem to have a problem with the NKI files.  When I search for them within Kontakt 5 they don't appear in the menu, however I can drag them into the player but I cant seem to get any audio.

SFZ files were also created with "one shot" playback setup.  They all have "loop_mode=one_shot" mode.  I have not noticed a problem in Session Drummer, which is a "standard" for SFZ files.

I can load NKI files in Kontakt 5 just fine and they playback well.

In any case, I can refund your purchase - let me know.

Thanks for the reply.  How do I access the one shot mode using Kontakt please?  I'll see if I can aquire a version of Session Drummer and give that a go as well.


Note that NKI instruments requires full Kontakt 5 license, not a free Kontakt 5 player.

Hi Aleksey,

I am so sorry to do this but if I could please take you up on your offer of I refund, I would be incredibly greatful.  Unfortunately, I do not have the money to purchase the full Kontakt player and as much as I have tried, I cannot find a way to successfully use your samples.  I have tried simply using all of the separate WAVs to create a drum part (much like a "live" recording) but this takes up an enourmous amount of my CPU.  It is a shame as I really do like your samples but as I said, I just cannot find a way to use them.

Apologies again.  Thank you for your help



I've refunded your drum sample purchases.

Hi Aleksey,

Sorry for the late reply, I've been out of the country for a few days.  Thank you very much for the refund.  That's very kind of you.  I shall keep an eye on the page and hopefully buy something in the future.

Thanks again,


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