▓▒░ TORLEY ░▒▓

Composer, Sound Designer (Seattle, WA, USA)
Sansar, Second Life (Linden Lab), Ready Player One VR experience (Warner Bros.), Roddenberry Nexus

I've rigorously evaluated almost every other limiter plugin in the field, and have found Elephant to provide the highest-quality clarity and punch when it comes to taming peak-overs yet retaining consistent programme material.  It can deal with wicked transients that others crumble under, and for bass-heavy genres, preserves the low end superbly!

What's more, it's incredibly versatile with multiple algorithm flavors, and whenever there's been a new major upgrade, I've been thrilled to take advantage of what Voxengo has cooked up!  Elephant will help you get your music 'loud enough' while retaining dynamic depth.  After iterating for many, many hours to find my favorite Elephant settings, I currently prefer the EL-C algorithm.

TORLEY is an enigmatic neon watermelon composer and electronic music researcher who has proudly and obsessively been using Voxengo Elephant as THE mastering limiter of choice on EVERY project he's worked on over the last decade — and certainly ALL of the following!

TORLEY has won or placed highly in various music production contests judged by the best sound design houses in the world.  Among them: Spectrasonics, Samplephonics, Impact Soundworks, BHK, ROLI + Blend (in partnership with Sample Magic, U-he, Waldorf, etc.), Glitchmachines & Noizefield, SynthMaster, and soforth.  ALL entries had Elephant waiting at the end of the master bus.

TORLEY has also composed the soundtracks and done sound design for Linden Lab's world-class virtual worlds and games: Sansar, Second Life, and Blocksworld.  As Production Director for Sansar, TORLEY chose to use Voxengo Elephant in a workflow with FMOD Studio to calibrate and finalize soundscapes for a variety of highly-acclaimed VR experiences.  These include partnerships with industry and creative leaders including Intel x Smithsonian American Art's Renwick gallery, Warner Bros.' Ready Player One, Roddenberry Entertainment's Nexus (with Star Trek exhibits), Greg Aronowitz's Hollywood Art Museum (featuring exhibits from The Lost Art of Star Wars and Drew Struzan's Studio), and the Ce& Wanna One game featured at KCON 2018 LA.