Peter Mohamed (Noise Inc.)

Musician, Producer, Mix Engineer, and Sound Designer (Poland)
Sweet Noise, My Riot

I use TEOTE a lot.  I love the way it can add this last polish on the whole mix.  I tend to go for just a few bands..results are great.  It won’t mix for you but when you push into it and you know what you’re doing then it delivers great results.  It is also on my drum bus and vocal bus.  It gives me this feeling of stuff fitting right in the mix.

I love GlissEq to boost the roots notes in dynamic way.  It really helps to make elements stand out of the mix.

Voxengo makes powerful and very effective compressors I use Marquis Compressor and Elephant Limiter and the results are so powerful!  They grab the sound and can squash it if needed without destroying it.  They respect the source.  Not something a lot of software compressors do.

Powershaper is becoming one of my favourite saturation and overdrive units.  It sounds very organic.

Using a lot of Voxengo plugins makes you feel like working with tools created to be effective, great sounding and innovative in at least few aspects.  They have they own unique sound and always deliver top results.  After a while you learn to trust them and push the parameters to shape the sound you have in your head.

Peter Glaca Mohamed - musician, producer, mix engineer and sound designer.  He is currently living and working in Poland.  Active on music scene from early 1990’s.  His original band was Sweet Noise.  The band created a mix of metal, industrial with lot’s of different influences.  On their 6 albums the band intentionally headed towards breaking all musical boundaries and exploring both form and sound.  With a lot of success among fans and in media Sweet Noise achieved a legendary status in Poland.  Peter spent a few years in Los Angeles working with producer Toshi Kasai.  They made a project called Serce.  It is a psychedelic mix of noise, field recordings, beats, guitars and vocals.

While in LA an album with Justin Chancellor from band Tool was recorded and released.  Title Nothing’s Matter.  Peter mixed and co-produced the record with Justin.  The album was mastered by Bob Ludwig.

In LA Peter met Steve Duda and worked with him on some content for the great Nerve Drum Machine.  He delivered sound design as Noise Inc.  When back in Poland Peter started another band My Riot which released one, very successful album called after Peter’s original band - Sweet Noise.  It was a mix of drum and bass, guitars and beats with strong lyrical content.  In 2018 Peter Mohamed finally released his long awaited solo album called ZANG.

The album features a track with Justin Chancellor - Oni Przyszli.  The track was later remixed by Danny Lohner.  A song Życie i Samotność with the biggest polish hip hop star Peja became a big hit with 23 million views on YouTube ZANG album was produced and mixed by Peter himself.  He wanted to prove that musicians associated with rock scene or at least emerging from this genre can also mix their own music, design sounds and create whole albums.  He claims that this makes his art more of a personal experience.

Peter’s noise/ambient/sound design project is called Noise Inc.  It has one album released - The Clean Cut Blade with a lot more works waiting to be relised soon.


Sweet Noise - producer, sound designer
My Riot - producer
Serce - co-produced with Toshi Kasai
MTvoid - mix and production with Justin Chancellor
Solo album and songs - production and mix.
Noise Inc - sound design