Luis Berrios (LB-Mastering Studios)

Mixing, Mastering Engineer, Producer (Virginia Beach, VA, USA)
Marc Anthony, Jerry Rivera, 123 Con Andres
I’ve had so much fun working with the Voxengo plugins that I will continue using them on my future mastering and mixing projects.  Whether is for enhancing or corrective, their versatility allows me to work efficiently, project after project.

Luis Berrios-Nichols is a veteran mixing, mastering engineer and producer who has worked in countless productions throughout P.R, U.S and overseas, and continues to work for independent artists and labels.  With more than a thousand songs recorded, mixed and mastered, Luis has become an authority on the digital and analog mastering process.  A graduate of The University of Puerto Rico and the Conservatory of Music with a degree in Music Education and Composition, Luis has spent the last 38 years honing his craft which is, music recording, mixing and mastering.  A trained musician (Trombone player) and a music copyist, Luis began mastering for his friends in 1997 after almost 17 years dedicated to music recording.  What started out as a hobby and a free-lance job, grew into a full-fledged profession.  Over the last 21 years, Luis became one of the most popular engineers in the art of mastering.

Affiliations: Grammy and Latin Grammy, Audio Engineering Society (AES), Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE).


GRAMMY Winner – Marc Anthony – Contra La Corriente.
GRAMMY Nominee – Jerry Rivera – Con Cara De Nino.
GRAMMY Nominee – 123 Con Andres – En Espanol Y En Ingles.
As well as numerous Billboard and Gold albums.


Credits include Mark Anthony, Javier Fernandez, Gran Combo de PR, Sony Music, Fania All Stars, Universal Music, MCA Music, Columbia Records, RCA Records, Jerry Rivera, RMM Records, Musical Productions, TH Rodven, Michael Stuart, Willie Rosario, Barrio del Este, Orchestra Mulenze, Luisito Carrion, among others.