Karl Mohr (Multibeat Creative)

Sound Design & Audio Post, Mixing, Mastering Engineer (Toronto, Canada)
IMAX Space Team, Low Films, SK Films, Discovery Channel, Hawksley Workman, Johnny Hollow, Alicia Cinnamon, Brian Asha
My work involves seeing sound as well as hearing sound: spectrum analyzers allow me to work with utter confidence.  Being able to tune the parameters of visual, real-time display along the various frequency areas is key to my mixing and mastering work.  Voxengo SPAN Plus has the greatest FFT control of any analyzer in my kit - enormously helpful.  For spline work, CurveEQ is a constant fascination while being the key ingredient in many situations.
Professionally-speaking, Karl Mohr is a top-class sound designer for film, primarily designing special sound effects creations for the giant IMAX screen.  Winning awards (MPSE Golden Reel, GSCA, Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival) as part of the Thillaye Productions team from 1997-2017, his work has been focused on the creation of yet-unheard or unhearable non-real sounds, hyperrealism, organic evolving textures, special sonic accents and the emotional/symbolic implications of acoustic spaces.  Studying piano from the age of nine, and with a BMus from Queen's University, Mohr's life has been filled with music composing, sound editing, music editing, mixing and mastering.  He is a member of the Director's Guild of Canada and SOCAN.  Explore Karl Mohr's professional pursuits as a sonic surgeon and audio architect at Multibeat Creative.  His current focus is music fine-mix and mastering.