Iván Santos (SANTAFLOW)

Rapper, Composer, Producer (Madrid, Spain)

LF Max Punch is great for bass and drums when I want an extra power, a plugin to take into account in genres such as Hip Hop, but equally useful in some rock productions.

I love using harmonic distortion in a creative way and to give presence to essential elements of the mix, and VariSaturator is one of my favorites because of its great variety of possibility and at the same time easy to use" Always in my mixes.

Santaflow is the definition of a multidisciplinary XXI century artist: rapper, composer, producer, lyricist, singer, musician, showman, ...  He put the words and the rhythm to things people don't dare to say.  His albums are among the most downloaded and streamed of the spanish speaking rap and thanks to them, he is an idol in Latinoamérica.

With 8 albums, many music videos, important featurings and several international tours behind him, his fans are ready to follow him to the end of the world.

www.youtube.com/santaflow - 989.000 subscribers / 225 million views

www.facebook.com/santaflow - more than 1 million likes

instagram: @santaflow_oficial - 146K followers

twitter: @santaflow_fenix - 174K followers