Dan Suter (echochamber)

Mastering Engineer (Zurich, Switzerland)
Lo & Leduc, Bligg, DJ Bobo, Kool Savas

I have been Voxengo user for many years and appreciate the products very much.  I daily use the GlissEQ, SPAN Plus, Elephant and MSED in my mastering, other products like the Soniformer I use for particularly tough problems.  The great thing about the Voxengo products is the possibility to adjust them very precisely to your needs.

The GlissEQ is such a powerful plugin, if you take the effort to make some presets your starting point.  So, I usually use it 2 times on a mix, once for notching (often dynamic), once for m/s EQing.

The SPAN Plus is an excellent analyzer, which also allows a comparison before/after by several routing possibilities.  Elephant has been one of my favorites for years, because it can be adjusted very precisely and, in contrast to many other limiters, doesn't lose the bass so quickly and has less of a tendency to hardness than most of the competitors.  In addition, there is the stepless scalability of the GUI and the resource-saving programming, which scores unequalled.

Dan Suter, born 1968 in Banjarmasin/ Indonesia.  Apprenticeship as electronics technician.  Guitar Studies at ACM Zurich.  Various bands and studio projects, e.g.  Bio Bonsaï & Dee Day Dub.  Sound technician at Newsound Studio Pfäffikon, Artag & Tonstudio Z, among others.  10 years working as sound engineer in the live and postpro area of Swiss Television SRF.  Own microphone line under the label "Suter".  Own loudspeaker line together with Jan Ohlhorst under the label "suter/ohlhorst".

Guest Lecturer Mastering at the zhdk, FFTon & SAE Zurich.

Setting up studio echochamber in Zurich, focusing on mastering since nearly 20 years. echochamber has been the undisputed number 1 in mastering in Switzerland for many years now.

More than 40'000 songs have already been mastered in the echochamber, an average of 2500 annually, among others by Bligg, DJ Bobo, Remady & Manu-l, Seven, Kool Savas, Loco Escrito, Hillbilly Moon Explosion, Pony Hoax, as well as Lo & Leduc with the most successful Swiss song of all times, which was 21 weeks no.1 (079)