Charles Deenen (Source Sound)

Sound Designer, Sound Editor (Los Angeles, CA, USA)
I discovered Voxengo products through a great friend who recommended them when we were working on Call of Duty cinematics.  They were quick to use, got results quick, and I still use them for real-time design in SoundMiner/VST.  Through time, there’s one Voxengo magic bullet that I use on Car sound design to add harmonics and distortion that’s always loud and proud as the first plugin in the chain.
Born in the Netherlands, Charles and biz partner started the first company dedicated for entertainment computer gaming sound in 1985.  After moving to the USA in 1991, he’s worked as (Sr) Audio Director at game companies Interplay, Electronic Arts, and now co-owner @ Source Sound Inc.  Source Sound Inc is an L.A company providing sound design and/or mixing for hundreds of Theatrical & Game trailers, as well as VR, Game Cinematics and Commercials.


Various CLIO, LIA, MotorFilm, MPSE, GANG and other awards for Sound Design and/or Best Sound


Game Cinematics (shared with our wonderful team @ Source Sound)
Call of Duty Infinite Warfare, Advanced Warfare, Ghost, WW2
Halo: Master Chief, Halo Wars 2
Gears of War 4
Civilization 6
Xcom 2
Need for Speed The Run

Game Trailer Sound Design and/or Mixing (shared with our wonderful team @ Source Sound)
Call of Duty BO3, BO4, WW2, AW2, IW, Ghost
Halo MCC
Gears of War 4
StarWars Battlefront 1+2
Assasins’ Creed Unity & Oddesey
Battlefield 3,4,1,5, Hard Line
Halo MCC
Watch Dogs
Civilization Beyond Earth, Civ 6
Star Citizen
Need for Speed (2003-2012, 2017)
many more…

Penzoil, AMG, Audi, Lamborghini, Ford, Fiat, BMW, Mercedes, Samsung & many others

Feature Film Sound Design
Day the Earth Stood Still – Sound Editor
Need for Speed – Car Sound Design
The Incredible Hulk – Sound Editor
2 Fast 2 Furious – Sound Designer
The Fast and the Furious – Sound Designer
Superman (2001) – Sound Designer