Benjamin Mathieu (Road Studio)

Recording, Mixing, Mastering Engineer (France)
November Polaroid, Purple Iceberg, Motion Concrete
Voxengo plugins are very helpful in my creation process, they are very precise and creative.  I often use the M/S and EQ plugins on my master channel, it's a great tool to fix problems in the mix and create the sound I want.

"My name is Benjamin Mathieu, I’m an audio engineer, based in France, and the owner of the Road Studio, a recording studio built in a truck.  In making this studio, I wanted to travel around while recording music in unusual places, it’s very different to work in a studio room compared to the music obtained in an old church in Belgium.  While recording, we use the studio as control room and the outside as a recording room, we can virtually record anywhere we want as long as there is an interesting acoustic and/or an inspiring place where we can find inspiration, a chalet in the mountains or your grandparent’s farm, for example.  It's a creative way to produce music and to live a real recording adventure.

I work as recording, mixing and mastering engineer and I start also to produce.  With my concept, I'm often involved in the artistic process while choosing the way and the places we will record, so I always have different roles in the production.  I worked with a lot of different artists like November Polaroid, Purple Iceberg, Motion Concrete, I Am Stram Gram..."