About Discounts

We offer a flexible discount schedule on every order you place.  The discount you get depends on the total order sum.

On top of that discount, we offer a so called "permanent discount" that is based on the sum of your previous software orders.  This discount is applied to the order sum after any other discount was applied (the permanent and other discounts are multiplied - not summed).

Maximal permanent discount offered is 15% for customers who have already spent more than US$700 on Voxengo software products.

Make sure you have added all Voxengo product keys you possess, to the User Area, because calculation of the permanent discount is also based on previous RegSoft.com orders (placed in the years 2002-2006) and their assigned product keys (registration numbers).  Newly-placed orders are also used for the permanent discount calculation.

Note that orders placed with other authorized resellers of Voxengo products are not used for calculation of the permanent discount.