About Discounts

We offer a flexible discount schedule on every order you place.  The discount you get depends on the total order sum.  All discount rates are multiplied, and not summed (e.g. two different 25% discounts will result in 44% overall discount).

On top of that discount, we offer a so-called "permanent discount" that is based on the sum of your previous software orders.  This discount is applied to the order sum after any other discounts were applied.

Maximal permanent discount offered is 30% for customers who have already spent more than US$700 on Voxengo software products.

Note that orders placed with other authorized resellers of Voxengo products are not used for the calculation of the permanent discount.

Flash Discounts

From time to time, at our discretion, we also offer a so-called "flash discount".  This discount is similar to taxi rates that depend on day of week, time of day, location, etc. factors.  Except that our "flash discount" model is based on a more prolonged statistics.  The "flash discount" you see is only effective momentarily at the time you added a product to the shopping cart in your browser (a personal browser cookie is created to refer such discount), it may change the next day you visit our web site (it may even become unavailable).  So, if you received a good "flash discount" it is suggested that you place an order as soon as possible.  The "flash discount" depends on a variety of factors, and two different customers may receive different discounts at the same time (e.g. based on shopping cart contents and other factors); in this respect, "flash discount" is a very "luck"-driven discount.  The "flash discount" cannot be negotiated, it is offered in a fully automated manner.