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linear-phase crossover ?

hey Aleksey,

I´m using Voxengo plugins for a longer time now, owning 4 of them.  I´m using Voxformer quite offen on vocals and due to the intelligent concepts your plugins are made of there are many possibilities how to get a result. one way is to use the crossover switch, deviding the signal into 2 bands, which can be compressed in parallel. the idea of doing that is absolutly great, by the way. so what I complain about is the fact, that by enabeling the 2-band-mode you can hear the crossover/the signal changes in a negative way. voice(and not only voice, think of every percussive sound too!) is a very sensitive audio signal, which everybody is used to hear. so would it be possible to implement a linear phase mode for the crossover? as it is now it´s unusable, because it chops every signal and leaves an unpleasent mess!

by the way I´m convinced that Alksey/Voxengo is the most pathbreaking company programming audio software plugins to date!

thx Aleksey

Thanks for your suggestion.

I'm not keen on adding linear-phase filters since they introduce processing latency and pre-ringing, but I will probably add a switchable steepness crossover - selectable between -6,-12 and -24 dB/oct.  I think a less steeper crossover may solve phasing issues you are probably having.
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