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Hello Aleksey !

It was not able for me to load settings created by the alpha-version in the released one.  Maybe I can do this manually.  But what for a setting was used for the "Level-Group"-parameter in the alpha ?

Another "strange" behaviour: A preset created in Cubase cannot be loaded

in Wavelab. ( Until now, this happened only one time ! ) Then another one

can be loaded in the Wavelab-Program. ( All created with the final V 1.0 )

But my results with this are very, very good !

many greetings

Indeed, the alpha version had another preset structure, so it is not possible to 'import' previous version plug-ins.  Level Group used in the alpha version is High.

Could you send me the preset which cannot be loaded in Cubase? info@voxengo.com

Another option is to use 'Presets...' menu of the plug-in - it should load and save presets without any hassles.

Thanks for using Transmodder!

Hello Aleksey !

Sorry, my "problem"-preset was changed "by hand".  And then I overwrote

this.  Now it works.  But if there are more problems in the future, I will send it to you.  Thank you for your quick response !

many greetings

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