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i downloaded the Pristine Space Light demo and loaded it into energyXT.

i then flipped the GUI over to the rear, clicked on zero latency, then set latency to 64.

upon attempting to re-flip the GUI to the front i encountered a TRAP_INLINE 7 error, forcing me to use the task manager to kill the host.

upon attempting to reload PS Light into eXT again, i immediately got the same error.

in fact i could no longer load the plug at all. i tried MiniHost also, but same error...and same need for task manager...

i had to uninstall.

i hope this helps to find the problem.

I'm sorry for the trouble.  I've already fixed this problem.  Please download and install an updated v1.0.1 from http://www.voxengo.com/downloads/

no problem. thanks for the quick fix.
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