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Hi Aleksey!

I have some new experiments for a Samplicity IR/ERs library.  This time I want to do it at 96/32.  It surprised me that at this sampling rate the test tone (sweep) has a quick down sweep towards the end (40 sec sweep).

Is this intentional?  Would it harm the deconvolution process?

I am sweeping a mixer setup (thus a full digital path @ 32 bit fp.  Would the downward sweep approach result in slightly better results?  With my previous IR libs the IRs contained quite some subsonic noise - from scientific literature I learned that this a quite normal side-effect.  Would a down sweep produce less subsonic stuff, or is this symmetric?

Thanks for any tips!  And answer on the first question ;-)

Peter Roos

Peter Emanuel Roos

www.PeterRoos.com / www.Samplicity.com (IR libs)

If you are hearing the downward tone when playing back the original test tone - it is an indication of aliasing happening on playback stage.  If you got the downward tone after the recording, it means the chain produces aliasing on some stage - it may be generated either by ADC/DAC or the device you are sampling.
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