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Hi Aleksey,

Is there any meaning to render an impulse with Bit Depth more then 16bit if Min Power is -90db or higher?


Personally, I don't see any *real* meaning in using bit depth > 16 bits with Impulse Modeler, almost in any situation.  This is because IM normalizes its output and that creates a pretty high overall SNR in any case.  Moreover, impulses by definition don't usually need a resolution higher than 16 bits.

FYI, higher resolution is necessary if the impulse file has a 'direct signal' spike, since this way reverb tail naturally has a lower power, and this case needs an additional resolution.

Hi Aleksey, would you consider adding an option (in a future version of IM) to include the direct spikes in the rendered impulse file, so that the amplitude and time-of-arrival directional cues are included so as to enable me to use the convolution as a fully wet insert.  I would find that useful (hopefully you understand what I'm trying to say here).

I will consider adding such option, but I think I've abandoned it already in the past (seemed like it didn't worked well).

In what way did it not function well -- theoretically it should?
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