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Hi There.  I've watched various tutorials on how to setup Span for multiple input.  I set up all the routing correcting but do not have buttons at the bottom to select the input.  I'm using Reaper DAW.  I can see the audio being visualized for both my tracks, but without the buttons I cannot select between the two or assign colours.  Are there additional settings I need to make the buttons visible?

I don't think the buttons are obscured as I can see the bottom artwork edge of the interface.

Please ignore.  I now realize these options are available from the top bar.

Yes, the selector was redesigned since then.  However, in the next update SPAN will feature a switchable selector on the bottom if you find it more convenient.

Thanks for your reply.  That does sound useful, however, I'm getting along fine now I've located the other buttons! :-) DOH!  Thanks for a great plugin.
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