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Hi there,

this was a topic here in 2005, but for me the issue never has been solved.  I have been using Voxengo's WindowsVSTs in a special version of Ardour on Linux for many years, but it caused my many crashes, quite some wrinkles, plenty of gray hair.  Consequently, I quit using Voxengo products recently and bought the rather expensive plugin suite from Harrison Consoles.

Hence I quit the crashes, but I can't quit the moaning, I'm just missing my Elephant too much.

So, once more, I ask for native Linux versions of the Voxengo product line.  I think, the market is evolving and there are not many competitors.  Most of them cannot offer what Voxengo can offer.  With Ardour, there is a very good DAW available... and a native version of Reaper might soon be there on Linux.



One day for sure, currently I simply can't make money on Linux software.

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