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Forums     Plugins     Analogflux Suite Tape impulse bypass?

Is there any way to bypass the impulse in tapebus and just get the distortion algorithm?  I find the saturation really sweet and like it on a lot of stuff but it can sometimes be hard to find the correct 'tape' impulse for it.  I seem to prefere tape1 on most single instruments but I'd be interested in trying how the saturation stage+compression would sound on it's own!

Btw. just to say it once more, FANTASTIC PLUGIN!  It's still THE glue plugin for drums and even whole mixes.



I will add such option.  It does sound very useful - it can be used to apply pretty 'vintage' saturation.  I'll add '1dB for free' preset to show-off this effect.

Fantastic!  Thanks Aleksey! :)

- bManic

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