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Forums     Plugins     Analogflux Suite Analog suite 1.4 need final fix??

One of the enginners that works in my studio bought analog suite as soon as it came out.  I was very impressed with every plugin in the suite but drops out.  1.3 fixed the crashing but still causes drop outs

Yes it was registered checked.

I would like to buy the suite myself but I need to know you are going to

come out with 1.4 that will fix the drop outs once and for all.

ps i tried the latest demo just to see and i was getting the same problem.

These plug-ins need a higher than normal audiocard buffer size to work without dropouts.

That is one of the 1st things i tried.

Same thing still drop outs.

A optimised 1.4 would be great.

my system is some what very common

p4c800-e deluxe asus

3.02 ghz intel 800 fsb

2 gig corsair ddr 3200 ram

true silence 550 psu

matrox p750

western digital hard drive + raptor audio drive

optmised for audio

3 uad-1's

tc firewire powercore

lynx aes 16

latest drivers everything else works fine.

anyone else?

Which audio application are you using Analogflux Suite's plug-ins in?  So, every plug-in in Analogflux Suite causes drop-outs?  How frequent these drop-outs are?

I'm not having dropouts here in Nuendo 3.1.1 at a buffer size of 1024 samples.

It's also good at 512 samples.


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Thanks for this information.

I´m using the Delay an the impulse, all the time.

It works great both in SAW studio, and in sonar.

Usually working at 256 buffer.

I love these plugs, and hope they will develop further.

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